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Why My Tutorials/Solutions?

Why choose my math tutorials/solutions over other solutions online? I think my solutions are more like a little tutorial in which you can find additional values that can help you save time and prevent you from getting lost in reading a math solution.

Table of Contents

My solution is more like a little tutorial.

I will add more explanations than just giving you a short solution. Also, I will follow the book's order, which means I won't use advanced theorems or facts to prove the questions in the book.

Some questions can be easily solved using facts from the later chapters. But I don't think that was the expected solution when the author wrote the book.

I always cite the theorems and facts that I used.

As you browse solutions online, you may find that some solutions assume you have background knowledge on specific topics. So, they might omit some facts or theorems in the middle, which makes the solution hard to understand.

I don't like that, so I always cite the theorems or facts mentioned in the book in my Theorems and Corollaries article, so you can always check on that. Therefore, you won't feel lost in this way.

You can always ask questions in the comment section.

If you have questions on a specific problem, please feel free to ask in the comment sections. I will try to answer them as quickly as possible because your questions and suggestions will also be valuable for other readers.

I always aim for a better solution.

There are solutions to math problems that are long and tedious. I don't like that type of solution, so I always try to make my solution look nice while keeping the explanation part clear.

I provide multiple solutions to some questions.

Some questions can really be beneficial for learning multiple solutions. Some solutions are clever but hard to come up with, some are easy to think but have long explanations, and some can benefit from a simple common technique.

I will try to write them all to help you better understand the topic and improve your mathematics problem-solving ability in the long term. Because I always believe that showing readers how I think is an important step omitted in most math tutorials or books.

Why am I charging for Premium Articles?

Well, the things listed above are the main reasons why I think my solutions are valuable for some readers, especially self-learners.

If you are a self-learner like me, you probably experienced the following process:

  • getting stuck by a question
  • have no idea how others come up with the solution
  • don't understand a certain point in others' solution
  • cannot verify whether your solution is correct or not
  • have no ones around to ask

These things can be time-consuming and painful. I think my solution will help you save a bunch of time and gain more confidence in self-learning mathematics.

The paid membership can also help me to put more time into writing solutions. My goal is to finish the whole undergraduate mathematics curriculum, which means I will write solutions for books corresponding to every topic in the curriculum.

So someday, anyone who wants to self-learn undergraduate mathematics/can always come to my site and find my little tutorials while working on every question in the textbook.😊😊